Sunday 18 August 2019

Dutch competition body probes App Store

The Dutch competition authority ACM has launched an investigation into tech giant Apple for allegedly favouring its own apps in its online App Store. The ACM ‘will investigate whether Apple abuses the position it has attained with its App Store’ following ‘indications’ from other app providers given to the ACM while it was undertaking a survey of the app market. The investigation will focus initially on news apps. ‘Apps have increasingly become important parts of our daily lives and businesses... More >

Some BBC jobs may head for Amsterdam

The BBC is opening an office in the Netherlands so it can keep transmitting across the EU if there is a no-deal Brexit, news agency Bloomberg said on Thursday. The broadcast licences which will be moved cover shows which the BBC beams to other EU countries, such as Doctor Who and Eastenders, sources close to the discussions told Bloomberg. Under EU rules, broadcasters have to have considerable operations or a satellite uplink to qualify for a licence. Bloomberg said last... More >

The Correspondent won't have a US office

Dutch online journalism website De Correspondent, which raised over $2.5m via crowdfunding to launch an international version of their platform, now says that it has closed its New York office and will base its English language operations in Amsterdam. In an update on Medium, co-founder Ernst-Jan Pfauth says the company has decided to stay in Amsterdam because it is a great place to work and to foster a single-company culture. But the news has annoyed some of the site’s American... More >

Low-cost app can help beat fear of heights

Researchers in Amsterdam have developed an app to beat vertigo that they say is just as effective as a course of therapy. The app, known as ZeroPhobia, is based on the techniques of exposure therapy, a form of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) that gradually allows people to confront their fear of heights. Users create a VR headset by putting a smartphone in a cardboard holder and strapping it over their eyes. They then view a series of images that simulate... More >