Sunday 18 August 2019

Rijksmuseum willing to pay €165m for Rembrandt now in France: NRC

Rijksmuseum willing to pay €165m for Rembrandt now in France: NRC

Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum is willing to pay €165m to buy a work by Rembrandt from the French Rothschild banking family, the NRC said on Tuesday, quoting French art historian Didier Rykner. The paper says the French government has now given French museums three months to buy the painting known as The Standard Bearer which was put up for sale by its present owners in July 2018. If France is unwilling to buy the work, which dates from 1636, the Rijksmuseum will... More >

It's going to be a cold, wet week

There is little change in the weather forecast for the coming week, with rain likely most days and temperatures no higher than 12 or 13 degrees, weather forecasters said on Monday. And the clear skies in many places on Monday evening could lead to light frosts in northern parts, as the temperature dips to no higher than two degrees at night, according to the KNMI weather bureau. Weerplaza is more pessimistic – it says the temperature could drop to as... More >

'€500 notes are only used by crooks'

€500 notes should be removed from circulation as soon as possible because they are only used by criminals, the head of a special police team responsible for tracking crime cash has told the Telegraaf. The notes are no longer being printed but there are some 509 million in circulation, with a value of over €250bn, the European central bank said in March. Most of of the notes are in the hands of drugs criminals in Latin America and Mexico, countries... More >

The Netherlands remembers its dead

The Netherlands fell silent for two minutes at 8pm on Saturday night, as the Netherlands remembered the Dutch who died in World War II and in subsequent conflicts. King Willem-Alexander and queen Maxima laid a wreathe at the war memorial in Amsterdam, along with survivors of WWII, members of the armed forces and family members of those who died. Some 4.4 million people are thought to have watched the Amsterdam event live on television, with tens of thousands of others... More >

Youth care costs force councils to cut

Dozens of local authorities in the Netherlands say they have to make far-reaching cuts in spending to pay for all the care duties they now have to undertake. The Volkskrant says libraries are being closed, budgets for road and building maintenance are being cut and less money will go to the arts and culture. In addition, local taxes are also being increased to make up the shortfall. In particular, youth care services are proving to be more expensive than thought... More >

Few exploitation courses go to court

Few cases of focusing on criminal exploitation or the exploitation of workers ever come to court and of those that do, only around half result in a conviction, the government’s human trafficking and exploitation rapporteur said on Thursday in a new report. Between 2013 and 2017 an average of 23 cases involving working arrangements or other forms of exploitation, such as forced begging, went to court, the report says. This is well below the number of cases involving human trafficking... More >