Sunday 18 August 2019

Leiden academic won't lead FvD in senate

Leiden academic Paul Cliteur has told the Telegraaf he is ‘not available’ to lead the nationalist party Forum voor Democratie when it enters the senate later this month. Cliteur, who is second on the party’s list of prospective senators had been considered the natural choice to succeed Henk Otten, who has was forced to step down from the role following allegations of financial impropriety. The senate will be elected by the 570 members of the 12 provincial councils on May... More >

Forum may have a role in Zuid Holland

Nationalist party Forum voor Democratie, the right-wing VVD and the Christian Democrats have reached agreement on working together a new coalition to run the province of Zuid Holland. Forum emerged as the biggest party in the March provincial elections and if the agreement is finalised, Zuid Holland will be the first place where Thierry Baudet’s party has a role in an administration. The three parties together control 25 seats and will need to bring on board a fourth party to... More >

VVD expels senator from the party

The right-wing Liberal party VVD has expelled a senator from the party after she took business magazine Quote to court and lost. Anne-Wil Duthler started legal action against Quote following its publication of an investigation into her complicated business activities, including the fact that one of her companies was subject to a €900,000 sequestration order. In the article, Quote described her business practices as ‘shadowy’ and said they revolved around a ‘complicated tangle of 10 limited companies’. The court ruled... More >

Orange fever? Criticism King's Day funding

It isn’t just the Netherlands that will turn orange on King’s Day on Saturday. In around 140 Dutch embassies around the world, people will break out the beers and bitterballen, dress themselves in a colour guaranteed to suit no-one and blow away their blues. The AD reports that from an orange-clad Kenyan band in Nairobi to €69-a-head celebrations in Berlin, the party will go global, largely with the help of business sponsorship. Seven in 10 of the parties will be... More >