Sunday 18 August 2019

Short stay rental company raided in housing contract btw fraud case

Short stay rental company raided in housing contract btw fraud case

Tax ministry inspectors and the police have raided the offices of one of the Netherlands biggest short stay housing agencies following a tip-off from the tax authorities, the Volkskrant said on Thursday. In addition, three people working for the Holland2Stay group were arrested on suspicion of fraud involving rental contracts, allowing landlords to avoid value-added tax, the paper said. The raids in Eindhoven and Den Bosch took place at the beginning of April. According to the Volkskrant, the alleged fraud... More >

Dutch housing market is settling down

The Dutch housing market is becoming more balanced but there is still a shortage of properties for sale, the Dutch real estate agency association NVM said on Thursday. The average price paid for a house in the first three months of 2019 fell €5,000 to €294,000 compared with the final quarter of 2018, the NVM said, adding that prices were stable when adjusted for the types of properties being sold. The number of homes changing hands fell 3.2% year on... More >

'Dutch housing market is cooling down'

There are increasingly strong signals that the Dutch housing market is beginning to cool down, ABN Amro economists said on Wednesday. House prices are rising less sharply and the number of properties changing hands is decreasing, which indicate falling confidence in the market, economist Philip Bekeloh said. Consumers don’t consider this to be the right time to buy a new house and the decline in supply means it is harder to find a suitable and affordable home, he said in... More >

Rent and bills cost tenants 38% of income

Tenants last year were spending an average of 38% of their net income on housing, but home owners only paid 29% of their income on a mortgage and other home-related expenses, the national statistics office CBS said on Thursday. The proportion of income which tenants spend on housing has risen by two percentage points since 2012, but home owners are better off because of low interest rates, the CBS said. Rents have risen by some 14% since 2012, the CBS... More >

Empty house in Moluccan district attacked

A house in Maastricht’s Moluccan quarter has been vandalised and sprayed with graffiti to try to deter the city council from placing a Dutch family there. Fixtures inside the empty property on Diederik van Havertstraat were damaged and the windows were sprayed with the message: ‘This is the Moluccan district. Only Moluccans here.’ The exterior of the house was pelted with eggs. Local broadcaster 1Limburg said the house may have been targeted in response to a letter circulating in the... More >