Sunday 18 August 2019

Little Willies may contain hard pieces, warns vegetarian butcher

Little Willies may contain hard pieces, warns vegetarian butcher

A batch of vegetarian sausages named Little Willies has been recalled after the manufacturer warned they may contain small pieces of plastic packaging. De Vegetarische Slager said a production fault meant the sausages may have been contaminated and urged customers to take them back to the shop. The affected packs have a ‘best before’ date between April 10 and May 7. The Lincolnshire-style soy-based sausages have also been recalled in Britain, where they are sold in supermarkets under the same... More >

Daycare group to ban non-vaccinated kids

A large Dutch childcare group has gone public in saying that it will ban children who have not be vaccinated against mumps, measles and German measles from July 1, broadcaster NOS said. The Berend Botje daycare group, which looks after over 3,000 children in Noord-Holland province, has told parents that children who have not been inoculated will be sent home after that date. The aim is to protect children of pre-inoculation age. There have been four cases of measles at... More >

Bail-out for bankrupt Boxmeer hospital

The Dutch health ministry is to put €10m into a hospital in Noord-Brabant province to head off the threat of bankruptcy. Health minister Bruno Bruins told MPs in a briefing that the investment will be spread up to 2022 and that Rabobank and health insurer VGZ are also involved in the bail-out. The hospital, near Boxmeer, is part of the Pantein health group and covers 130,000 people.  Bankruptcy, the minister said, would mean that key care – including emergency services... More >

More laughing gas users get burned by ice

Hospital burns units are reporting more people suffering burns caused by laughing gas canisters, broadcaster NOS reports. Over the last three weeks as many as fourteen people were admitted to hospital with severe ice burns to the inside of their thighs resulting from holding extremely cold nitrous oxide canisters between their legs to fill the balloons used to inhale the popular party drug. Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, produces a short high which alters pain perception making users unaware of... More >