Sunday 18 August 2019

More cases of sexual abuse at schools

The number of reports about sexual abuse and discrimination at schools made to school inspectors has gone up again, the inspectorate said on Wednesday. In total, 134 reports about sexual abuse where made last year school year, of which almost half involved a person in a position of authority. This, combined with the increase in total reports, is a ‘worrying development’, the inspectors say. The number of cases of sexual intimidation fell by around 20% but again, almost half the... More >

'Burka ban' delayed to start of August

The ban on facial coverings in public spaces has been delayed by a month and will now take effect on August 1, home affairs minister Kajsa Ollongren has said. The so-called ‘burka ban’ will apply in schools, universities, government buildings and on public transport. Anyone who covers their face could be asked to remove the garment and given a €400 fine. Ollongren said the extension on implementing the law was a response to comments from schools who said it would... More >

More cash invested in boosting literacy

Ministers have set aside €425m over the coming five years to boost literacy, numeracy and computer skills among people who have difficulty functioning in society. In total, the money will be used to target 2.5 million adults and children ‘with and without an immigrant background’, the education ministry said on Monday. ‘Language, arithmetic and digital skills are essential to be able to contribute to society,’ education minister Ingrid van Engelshoven said in a statement. ‘A lack of skills is a... More >

Iranian students face further checks in NL

The Netherlands is to increase its monitoring of Iranian students and researchers at Dutch universities to make sure they cannot acquire specialist knowledge which can be used to develop ballistic missiles in Iran. The cabinet is making the move following concerns that Iran is developing ballistic missile technology and a ‘recent case’, foreign minister Stef Blok said in a briefing to parliament. Sources told broadcaster NOS the recent case refers to a student at Delft University of Technology who was... More >