Sunday 18 August 2019

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog the quick brown fox jumped

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog the quick brown fox jumped

Ze laat haar telefoon zien met berichten en foto’s van haar ex en de kinderen. In die berichten wordt ze ook bedreigd. “Als ik naar Syrië ga, vermoordt hij me”, zegt Saleh. “Ik ga daar niet naartoe. Dat durf ik niet.” De kinderen zijn een maand geleden als vermist opgegeven door Saleh, maar de politie besloot pas vandaag een officieel vermissingsbericht te verspreiden. Eerder wilde de eenheid dat niet doen vanwege de privacy van de kinderen. Het contact met de... More >

ABP pension fund warns of shortfall

The giant Dutch civil service pension fund ABP will not raise pensions in the coming years and says there is a ‘real’ chance it may have to make cuts in two year’s time. ABP has 2.9 million participants and, with invested assets of €43bn, is one of the biggest pension funds in the world. The fund’s annual report, published on Thursday, says that its annual coverage ratio – assets as a percentage of its pension obligations – was 103.8% at... More >

Air France-KLM has 'challenging' Q1

Airline Air France-KLM had a ‘challenging’ first quarter, with high fuel prices and strong competition hitting both units and the European airline market in general, the company said on Friday. The combined group booked an operating loss of €303m, of which €256m was down to Air France. The airline said oversupply in the market had led to pressure on pricing and that this had hit both transatlantic and European routes. Nevertheless, passenger numbers rose 3% to 22.7 million, although the... More >

Dutch consumers buy more goods online

Dutch consumers spent €1.6bn buying goods from webshops in other EU countries last year, according to the nationals statistics agency CBS. Total sales via other EU member states rose 17%, which is down on recent years, the CBS said. Nevertheless, final quarter sales – which include Sinterklaas and Christmas – were up 22% year on year. Webshop purchases in other EU countries from just 2% of total consumer retail spending. The amount spent by the Dutch in Dutch webshops was... More >

12,000 chickens die in factory farm fire

Thousands of chickens were killed in a fire at a factory farm in Renswoude in Gelderland on Tuesday afternoon. The barn was home to some 16,000 birds and at least 12,000 are thought to have been killed. Locals had been warned to keep their doors and windows closed because of the thick smoke. Inzet #Renswoude — Brandweer Woudenberg (@BrwWoudenberg) April 30, 2019 Last year 122,000 animals died in fires at factory farms in the Netherlands but the government said... More >

Expat website IamExpat moves into Germany

Dutch expat services website IamExpat is expanding into Germany, in an effort to provide the country’s growing international population with tailor-made information about legal issues, housing, jobs and living. IamExpat, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, was founded by several Greek nationals who had studied in the Netherlands. The service is used by tens of thousands of internationals in the Netherlands every day. ‘Global mobility is increasing rapidly,’ says co-founder Nikos Nakos. ‘Germany is one the most popular destinations... More >